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Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be selling selected pieces of my original artwork through my online store. The first will be this piece, created for the FRACTALS record ‘Corridors’. Each will be professionally framed, a one of a kind pen and ink original.

Further details will be revealed via my mailing list - if you wish to join simply email ‘subscribe’ to

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For anyone visiting California’s WONDERCON convention this weekend -  MONDO have just released my official LORD OF THE RINGS ‘Shelob’s Lair’ print, and it’s on sale now in their booth! Available in standard and variant colours.

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"Paradis Garage"

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Taddeo di Bartolo, Giudizio Universale - Inferno, Lucifero (The Last Judgment - Hell, Lucifer detail), circa 1391-93.

San Gimignano, Italy. It was originally sited in the Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta and now is in the Museo Civico there.  [link]

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La Jument lighthouse, Ushant, France

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Asiulus aka Joanna Krótka (Poland) - Breaking, 2014     Digital Arts: Paintings

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“And I ask this of you now,” said He who was Death, “come with Me to the NetherRealm, walk before Me in the places of annihilation, become My servant, My companion, My beloved. And in return I will release all those you love from bondage.”

From my short story The Harbinger, about Leaf “the unlucky”, who strikes a bargain with Death - to spare the lives of his ailing family and kingdom in exchange for 100,000,000 years of servitude as Death’s dealer.  Free shipping and $5 off on prints etc for a limited time only

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